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New audio!

2010-05-13 01:10:52 by I3chig0

its been nearly a year since i posted anything so i uploaded a new song. go check it out here

be sure to read its description while you listen!


2009-11-21 18:59:46 by I3chig0

boredom guys and i needs ideas.

Enough -_-

2009-06-05 11:06:41 by I3chig0

ok. really. The guy that keeps hitting 0 on all my sumbissions -_- i havent even been on NG and i dont see why the hell you keep doing that but enough is enough. i have a good idea of who you are too so dont think im not going to take action against it

EDIT: Woah..lookn back at this 1 year ago, an it makes me why would i do that. jesus its just audio..

Audio is a go

2009-06-04 21:05:32 by I3chig0

Finally got my hands on a good program =D
im rusty but gimme time and ill be up and running again

Audio is a go

Going into flash

2009-05-11 18:42:19 by I3chig0

Bout time i say im gnna try my hand at flash, new at it, but im learning.

Music Standstill

2008-10-21 18:15:42 by I3chig0

Well, i tried going back to making music but im on a new everything i used to use is basically crap on this now. So, long story short, i cant make any music till i find some good programs. Anybody have any suggestions? i'd really appreciate it. Im really wanting to try to make music again Dx

Been awhile..

2008-06-25 02:50:54 by I3chig0

its been 6 months since i logged into NG..and all mail sent to me, sorry!! i never saw it till now..

About the music making, i MAY go back into it, and all about the wild arms music, i own the first wild arms so no, i do not need it. :3

Any music suggestion for me to listen to, ill do so later.

^-^; again, sorry. ill see what i can do.

P.S. thank you all for the support in those messages too ^-^ greatly appreciated!

My brother has made a website..a forum type thing if you will...which apparently isnt getting much traffic. So im deciding to help out with it. dex.cgi

I, myself, is registered on this website, however, not under the username i use on newgrounds. If you wish to know then you must ask me because i do not have the time to put it down here.

As such, please refer all questions in a Comment or PM.
Thank you.

Please visit the site! it would be greatly appreciated for gamers and NG users!

Since hardly anybody does Wild Arms and does not seem to know of its greatness i plan to do alot of wild arms music for awhile now. My wish outta this: to inspire everyone to play the game, and in time, make more music of it of their own. Again, a tribute to this amazing game.

Tribute to the amazing RPG for the ps1-Wild Arms

To repair what was done...

2007-10-15 20:59:54 by I3chig0

Ok. To make up for my crappy ice cap one...never listen to it..wasnt meant to be as a real song...ive decided to fix that. Look for it!